Chris Pearson | H Y P N O T H E R A P Y
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Improving your quality of life with quality therapy

It doesn't matter whether you are determined to discover the solution to a problem in your life or you want to get better at something, guidance and effective therapy can help you to succeed.

Therapy can allow you to achieve your very best - to leave bad habits behind you, learn new ways to develop your abilities and to escape discomfort.

Chris Pearson has extensive experience working with individuals to improve their quality of life - to become the person they choose to be. Hypnosis is a focused and receptive state of mind that allows you to benefit from your Picture of Chris Pearson in his officeresourceful deeper self: your subconscious mind. It also provides an ideal, relaxed platform for other therapeutic techniques and Chris is able to use neurolinguistic programming (NLP), meridian therapies and neuropsychotherapeutic approaches.

Chris has developed Sequent Repatterning, a therapy to treat misophonia - he is a Fellow of the Misophonai Treatment Institute. He also holds the Specialist in Psychosexual Dyfunction Diploma and is ready to help with your personal and intimate issues.

He says: “I am a therapist based between Pontefract, Wakefield, Barnsley and Doncaster. I also provide therapy to clients worldwide, working online using the VSee tele-medicine platform for reliable, secure sessions.

As an eclectic practitioner I offer hypnosis alongside NLP, cognitive-behavioural techniques and meridian therapy and I treat a wide range of presenting issues.

These include smoking cessation, alcohol control, weight and eating, fears and phobias and obsessive/compulsive disorder. I have specialist training and experience in both weight control and pain management.

I am developing specialist therapeutic techniques for the treatment of misophonia.

If you think you need to build your confidence then together we can prepare you for that interview, test or exam; for a special occasion or a speech or presentation. And do it very quickly and effectively.

Over a number of years I have also worked closely with authors, promoting better creative writing and with musicians to overcome specific issues and improve performance.”

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